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Wednesday Aug 16​
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You're invited to a

I'll show you my weird little website that's currently making me up to $30K per day in coaching clients - and then I'll tell you how to ethically knock it off in less than 10-minutes


THAT'S RIGHT! Ethically knock off my weird Little website (which makes me as much as $30K per day) in as little as 10-minutes

PLUS... before the class starts, I'll hand you my $197 pre-training for FREE!

Hi, I'm Brett McFall… and if you want to have your own $30K day in your coaching business, then you need to copy my weird website as soon as possible.

Here’s why — have you ever wondered WHY you're struggling to get clients for your coaching business?

I'LL LET YOU IN ON A LITTLE SECRET - The rules of marketing have changed... and as a result, you're getting beaten by smarter marketers.

Huh? That's right, it has nothing to do with your coaching ability. It has EVERYTHING to do with your marketing skills.

Finally! You're going to discover the rules for winning at marketing

Do you know what those rules are?

ANSWER: There are 2 HUGE obstacles in your way.

And if you don't know about these 2 obstacles, then getting beaten WITHOUT knowing why.

HOW DO I KNOW? Because I was once almost broke in my coaching business too.

But i turned it around to have $30K days. And I'm going to show you how to do it too - for FREE!

Watch this video below now
. WHY? Because this is a student of mine who's done the same: 

"Brett, when can I ethically knock off your weird little website?"


Thursday June 15

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Wednesday August 16

7am AWST / 9am AEST

The weird little website that I'm about to show You Could Change Your Coaching Business FOREVER

It's called the "Cornerstone" Funnel


THIS is the missing link that you always knew existed - but could never work out

I want to personally invite you to this LIVE training (with a real value of $97) where I’ll walk you step-by-step through my weird little website.


A) Because showing you everything DOES NOT affect my business in any way.

And B) Because you may decide that once I show you how to have a $30K day, that you may want to become a coaching student some time in the future.

If you do, great! If you don't, no problem.

And even if you don't , I'm going to teach you everything anyway.


Because when I do it LIVE I can take you step-by-step through my weird website and make sure I don't lose you along the way. 

... it means you can also ask any me question you like. This way, you can leave with 100% clarity on how to use it in your business.

WATCH THIS: This is what happened for 2 people who used my weird little website recently:


YOURS IMMEDIATELY! Before we even meet, I'll show you WHY getting clients is so hard for you.

You want results NOW, right? So before we even meet on the LIVE class, I'll send you 3 PRE-TRAININGS that will show you why you're strugling to get clients... and how to turn this around FAST.

  • PRE-TRAINING #1 - WHY people are ignoring your marketing
  • ​PRE-TRAINING #2 The 1 reason why you’re losing 66% of your sales
  • ​PRE-TRAINING #3The problem that makes it impossible for you to win

What if - ON THIS CLASS - you discovered the one thing that's been holding you back?

What if it meant that you too could TRIPLE your clients in the next 7-days?

It would be worthwhile attending LIVE, yes?

Hit the “save my seat” button below now to register (before it’s too late)...

See you there LIVE.

Brett McFall


My weird website that's currently making me up to $30K per day - and how to ethically knock it off in less than 10-minutes


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